Catholic Weekend Mass - 7th Sunday of Easter


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CLP is a 8 week programme (Every Saturday)

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Easter Resource: ALLELUIA (Colouring Pages for Children)

Little Flock supports Catholic parents through building a community and creating Catholic gifts and resources for children.

For Easter 2022, we will be releasing ALLELUIA: Colouring Pages for Children every Saturday from 17 April all the way to 5 June. As a preview, a copy of the first page has been attached inside this email.

Here is the link for public access to the activity sheets:

The colouring pages are free for all to download. At the same time, we also welcome any contributions towards the mission of children catechesis in Singapore and Vietnam.

Please feel free to share this resource with your teachers, students and parents for their use!

If you are keen, you can simply credit us at:

Little Flock website:

Little Flock instagram:

Little Flock facebook:


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JULY 2021:

MARS Booking above 50-250 (For AUGUST)

Our L10 - Confirmands received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Novena Youth Rally 2021 - Battle of the Band Champion Wonderfools


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There will be four weekend Mass booking sessions available every month with effect from Apr-May 2022.

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Mass Attendance and Registration System (MARS)

Following the government’s announcement regarding Phase 2, the Archdiocesan Digital Team created MARS to ensure safety and equal opportunity for everyone to attend Mass.

There are two important actions that you MUST first take for the possibility of attending Mass.

1. Registration/ Sign-up with a Church.

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Take note that once you have registered / Signed up, you will have to stay with the church you selected throughout the covid 19 pandemic period.

2. Booking for Masses

Mass booking will be made available from Tue 28 Sept 12pm onwards.


Note: Our Church of St. Francis of Assisi will have our own QR Code on every Entry and Exit doors. We advice you to install SafeEntry Apps.

The system currently supports checking in and out on the individual’s mobile phone:

  • Android users may wish to use SingPass Mobile in-app QR scanner or Trend Micro QR Scanner for optimum user experience.

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Enter our church as St. Francis of Assisi

200 Boon Lay Avenue West District

Lent is fast approaching (see what we did.. fast..). What should we do?!? Here are 10 tips by Pope Francis of how to make your lent meaningful this year.

Why do we go to Mary when we can go to Christ Himself? Who is Mary, anyway?

She is the perfect disciple. The Mother of God. Holy Virgin of virgins. Most of all? Our Mother.As Christ hung up on the Cross on Calvary, He gave all of humanity one of the greatest gifts we could ever have received – His own mother. “Seeing his mother and the disciple he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother, ‘Woman, this is your son’. Then to the disciple he said, ‘This is your mother’. And from that moment the disciple made a place for her in his home.” (John 19:26-27)
So what are we to do with this gift that we freely receive from our King? Would establishing a relationship with Mary distract us or draw us further away from Christ Himself?”
No. Our Mother is not our focal point. She is but a mirror that reflects the greatness of the source of all beauty and creation. As we establish a relationship with her, all she does is lead us closer to her son. She directs us to Him when we feel lost. She bridges the gaps in our relationship with Jesus, and brings us to Him when we feel too ashamed and unworthy to approach Him. Our Mother loves, protects, and nurtures us, her children. She redeems for Jesus, the souls lost and far away.
Establishing a relationship with Mary in no way takes us away from our relationship with God. In fact, it amplifies our love for Him. As we witness Mary’s own heart of virtue, we have insight into the majesty of God. So let us not be afraid to get to know Our Lady and to allow her to love us as she loves Christ her son. May we be like Christ’s beloved disciple who made a place for her in his home – let us also make room for her in our hearts, so that she may draw us closer and closer towards Christ our Redeemer.


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